Saturday, October 12, 2013

Start at Tarifa

I’m coming here for reading the omens from the dream I’ve dreamed numerous times. I found the old woman who is recognized to interpret dreams of people. I said all the things happened in my dream, but she just informed to go to the Pyramids which herself even didn’t know what it is. I felt disappointed about the interpretation.
While the small town is peaceful, I changed my book and refreshed wine. I met a strange person who was keeping talking with me that made me kind of mad at first. However, after a while I found things became much more strange. He knew what I was thinking and said some quotes to insist me keep on my journey. With amazed and surprised, he told me that he was the king of Salem. Now I am firm that I will go to the pyramids to find my treasure, and I am going to Africa soon! I will inform everyone as soon as I get there!

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