Friday, October 18, 2013

Meeting with the Alchemist at Al Fayoum

Hello everyone! I’ve experienced so many things these days in the oasis. After the days sharing time with Fatima, I went to the most charming tent in the desert, decorated carpets on the ground and gold above the surface of the lamps. They asked me about the omens and scared me of the war. While maybe that day it’s the last day of life, I still feel delighted, since I had lived every day without regrets.
Also, something unusual for these days is that I’ve always seen the hawk in the sky, which reminds me of the soldiers and wars coming close. Maybe it is also an omen. And few days passed, one day I saw horseman coming with a thundering sound and such violent wind I’ve never experienced before. He was surprised and annoyed why I could read the omens from the hawk, and even he put a sword at my forehead. But at the end I just found his was testing my courage, and after that I found myself full of courage. Everyone who wants to cross the desert or chase their dreams, courage is the essential part of the characters.
Well I think I will leave here in current days to continue my way for Personal Legend, since I’ve known where the alchemist leave. He may tell me more information. When I have enough things to share with you, I will update my footstep soon!

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