Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meeting Fatima at Al Fayoum

You cannot imagine I’ve passed through part of the desert and finally reach the oasis, where the alchemist lives. Also, it is said that there is a battle in the desert of two tribes. However, we cannot find the alchemist immediately. We waited at the well, expecting for the appearance of the alchemist, but all the effort at the beginning days is in vain. We asked everyone reaching the well, but they all looked us strangely and never gave away any clues for the alchemist.
I just felt so upset until I met Fatima, the person goes through my eye and direct to my inner heart. It is the first time that I have felt of the feeling of love at first sight. From then on, I went to the well every day, waiting for Fatima and talking for only few minutes, which is the hope for whole days. These days I discovered plentiful things that I haven’t recognized before. I just found out that it is love that represents the language of the world.
Well it seems that I need to stay here for a few more days. I will update my experiences and footsteps immediately! Wish us a wonderful ending!

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