Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Believe it or not, I get to the Pyramid now! But it doesn’t seem a treasure for me. I keep digging for the whole night, I keep digging while my hand and arm broken, I keep digging while others surrounds me asking me for treasure, but I cannot find my treasure at all. Some figures asking me for money, and they find the money I carried and forced me to get more. When I find nothing at all, they beat me and I feel death at that moment so close.
However, they stop hurting me when I told them why I was here for my treasure. The leader of them laughs at me, saying a dream that he dreams lots of times. His dream is exactly what I am at the church at beginning! They left me alone without killing me. And fortunately, now I know where my treasure is! Although I faced lots of difficulties, I will get my treasure and I have seen the beauty of the Pyramid and all the sites along the road! And also, I meet Fatima, the person I will spend all my life with and the love!
I hope you everyone can enjoy my journey! I strongly recommend you all can enjoy what I’ve experienced and walk on this road!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The closest time to death

How unfortunate is! I put through plenty of difficulties about my way to the pyramid. However, we are caught by the troops at the end. Just as an old saying says, the darkest night is just before the dawn. We gave them all the possessions to them, but they still wanted to kill us. The Alchemist said to leave me three days to transform myself into wind, avoiding being killed by the soldiers.
I just focus on the hopeless desert and wonder what I can do to transform myself into wind. While the Alchemist just told me to try connect with wind. At that day, I try to talk with the wind, the sun. And as I am the man who can read the language of the world, I really gone with the wind!
We will continue my journey, since it is only little left for me to the destination!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Meeting with the Alchemist at Al Fayoum

Hello everyone! I’ve experienced so many things these days in the oasis. After the days sharing time with Fatima, I went to the most charming tent in the desert, decorated carpets on the ground and gold above the surface of the lamps. They asked me about the omens and scared me of the war. While maybe that day it’s the last day of life, I still feel delighted, since I had lived every day without regrets.
Also, something unusual for these days is that I’ve always seen the hawk in the sky, which reminds me of the soldiers and wars coming close. Maybe it is also an omen. And few days passed, one day I saw horseman coming with a thundering sound and such violent wind I’ve never experienced before. He was surprised and annoyed why I could read the omens from the hawk, and even he put a sword at my forehead. But at the end I just found his was testing my courage, and after that I found myself full of courage. Everyone who wants to cross the desert or chase their dreams, courage is the essential part of the characters.
Well I think I will leave here in current days to continue my way for Personal Legend, since I’ve known where the alchemist leave. He may tell me more information. When I have enough things to share with you, I will update my footstep soon!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meeting Fatima at Al Fayoum

You cannot imagine I’ve passed through part of the desert and finally reach the oasis, where the alchemist lives. Also, it is said that there is a battle in the desert of two tribes. However, we cannot find the alchemist immediately. We waited at the well, expecting for the appearance of the alchemist, but all the effort at the beginning days is in vain. We asked everyone reaching the well, but they all looked us strangely and never gave away any clues for the alchemist.
I just felt so upset until I met Fatima, the person goes through my eye and direct to my inner heart. It is the first time that I have felt of the feeling of love at first sight. From then on, I went to the well every day, waiting for Fatima and talking for only few minutes, which is the hope for whole days. These days I discovered plentiful things that I haven’t recognized before. I just found out that it is love that represents the language of the world.
Well it seems that I need to stay here for a few more days. I will update my experiences and footsteps immediately! Wish us a wonderful ending!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disastrous Tangier

I cannot imagine my first step on my way of discovering treasure is Tangier, which is one of the most charming cities in Africa! While there are so many different customs from where I came. I’ve just found that the most difficult problem is the language! I cannot imagine them speaking in the strange tones which is called Arabic. In addition, all people cannot drink wine due to their religious forbidden.
Tragedy happened when I met a guy who is the first one in the foreign country that can speak Spanish. Since that, I trusted him and gave him all the money I had. But when he led me to the crowded market and got rid of me. Just a moment I glanced at a delighted sword, he disappeared in the crowd, with no hints and clues left. Easily, I lost all my stuffs except myself. I was hanging in the plaza from noon to dawn, from the crowd until they all vanished in my eye site. I felt that I have left all my support of my dream and my life.
However, when I was wandering in the center of the market, I went to work in a Crystal Store earning money for my sheep.  It seems that I will spend a long time saving the money. While as soon as I go to the next step, I will update my footstep immediately!