Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Believe it or not, I get to the Pyramid now! But it doesn’t seem a treasure for me. I keep digging for the whole night, I keep digging while my hand and arm broken, I keep digging while others surrounds me asking me for treasure, but I cannot find my treasure at all. Some figures asking me for money, and they find the money I carried and forced me to get more. When I find nothing at all, they beat me and I feel death at that moment so close.
However, they stop hurting me when I told them why I was here for my treasure. The leader of them laughs at me, saying a dream that he dreams lots of times. His dream is exactly what I am at the church at beginning! They left me alone without killing me. And fortunately, now I know where my treasure is! Although I faced lots of difficulties, I will get my treasure and I have seen the beauty of the Pyramid and all the sites along the road! And also, I meet Fatima, the person I will spend all my life with and the love!
I hope you everyone can enjoy my journey! I strongly recommend you all can enjoy what I’ve experienced and walk on this road!

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