Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disastrous Tangier

I cannot imagine my first step on my way of discovering treasure is Tangier, which is one of the most charming cities in Africa! While there are so many different customs from where I came. I’ve just found that the most difficult problem is the language! I cannot imagine them speaking in the strange tones which is called Arabic. In addition, all people cannot drink wine due to their religious forbidden.
Tragedy happened when I met a guy who is the first one in the foreign country that can speak Spanish. Since that, I trusted him and gave him all the money I had. But when he led me to the crowded market and got rid of me. Just a moment I glanced at a delighted sword, he disappeared in the crowd, with no hints and clues left. Easily, I lost all my stuffs except myself. I was hanging in the plaza from noon to dawn, from the crowd until they all vanished in my eye site. I felt that I have left all my support of my dream and my life.
However, when I was wandering in the center of the market, I went to work in a Crystal Store earning money for my sheep.  It seems that I will spend a long time saving the money. While as soon as I go to the next step, I will update my footstep immediately!

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